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OK, so I've given you my view, but what do my clients say? Well, here is what one client, PE of Dulwich, south east London, had to say about working with me:

"After over 10 years of drinking heavily every evening and numerous unsuccessful attempts to quit, I decided to seek professional help. I discovered Nick via a website and promptly made a same-day appointment. 

"From the moment I entered the premises I was made to feel at ease and we had a very relaxing and engaging session.

"I have not touched a drop of alcohol since that day! It is not 'magic' and my personal interpretation is that Nick assisted me in finally reaching a conclusion I already knew as I really wanted to stop drinking.

"So if you really really want to change your life in whatever way, be it smoking, drinking or whatever, and you have tried and failed, then go and see Nick and you will be amazed by the results."

JP of Crystal Palace, south London,  came to see me about a physical issue that had bothered him for more than 40 years:

"After many years afflicted with a sleep-related disorder (which conventional medicine was not able to address) I decided in desperation to give hypnotherapy a try and found Nick’s website via a simple internet search and contacted him. After a friendly exchange of emails a session was booked. I found him very easy to talk to and relate to and, more importantly, after only one session my sleeping disorder had disappeared and now I have a greatly improved quality of sleep."

And this is what RM of Brockley, south east London, said:

"I would recommend Nick Jenkins to anyone seeking changes in their lives. Nick provided a safe, welcoming atmosphere which allowed me to feel completely comfortable and able to relax. 

"I went to Nick to help me let go of things in the past which were negatively holding me back from creating the relationships I wanted. Within a couple of sessions I found the results I had been hoping for. I feel set free from the past memories and not only ready for the future, but excited about it too. Thank you so much, Nick."

Of course, not everyone can achieve everything they want in just one or two sessions... this is what SP of Bromley, in south east London, had to say:

"Nick has helped me immensely in many ways. I suffer with severe eczema so initially I went to Nick for help with training my mind to break the ‘itch-scratch’ cycle. Mind-calming and focusing techniques have greatly helped and can actually make the itch disappear.

"Nick’s use of EFT allowed me to discipline my mind subconsciously to successfully adhere to difficult diets that I must follow for health reasons. I have had chronic eczema for 29 years and I have never before found a more effective way to stick to a strict diet. My journey with Nick also covered anxiety and depression. The meditative techniques Nick taught me have also provided significant relief from these problems.

"Now acting as a sounding board for my career concerns, Nick is my go-to person for almost all issues. He has a kind approach and possesses the unique ability to provide therapy, support and guidance on many facets of life. I cannot recommend him more highly."

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