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What is Quest cognitive hypnotherapy?

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a form of hypnotherapy that incorporates elements of many therapies and theories including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). What this means for you is that everything I do with you will be to help you to help yourself, using the resources you already possess.

And the way I work with every client is different. I don't just read out a "stop smoking" script to stop you smoking or a "spider phobia" script to stop you fearing spiders. I will talk to you at length and work out the best things to do and the best things to say, just for you. Because we're all different, aren't we?

If you'd like to see a simple explanation of how Quest cognitive hypnotherapy works, take a look at this.

I've never been hypnotised before - what's it like?

Well, first of all, you can forget any ideas of swinging watches or dancing chickens. Hypnosis is just a form of relaxation. If you've ever day-dreamed or if your eyes have ever glazed over while listening to someone boring, then you have been in a trance. It's as simple as that. I will talk to you to relax you, which will open up your unconscious mind to suggestion.

Will I lose control?

Not at all. You won't fall asleep - not unless you're really tired anyway! You will be aware of everything I say, though if your attention wanders, that's fine too, as your unconscious mind will still be listening. You won't tell me anything you don't want to, or do anything you don't want to do. One of the many wonderful things about Quest cognitive hypnotherapy is that it doesn't matter how deep your trance is: stage hypnotists rely on finding somnambulists in their audience - all I need is someone who can close their eyes and listen.

What happens in our first session?

We will have a long chat. I'll ask you a lot of questions - and you can ask me any questions you might have. A first session tends to last for 90 minutes, or even longer, and it may be that all we'll do is talk. Or I might give you the chance to enjoy a relaxing hypnotherapy induction. But whatever happens, be assured that the therapy will have begun - as soon as you begin to address your issue, you are working towards a solution.

Then what?

I have therapeutic tools to deal with a variety of issues, and I will tailor my approach to your individual needs. After the first session, most sessions will last about 60 to 90 minutes, though I will not be watching the clock. You come first - so we will take as long as you need.

How many sessions will I need?

Hynotherapy is not usually a lengthy process. Most issues can be dealt with in two to five sessions. So forget any old ideas about Freudian therapy - you won't need to come and see me every week for years. But it is not like visiting the doctor to cure a disease...only you can know when you have got enough out of our sessions to help you to move forwards on your own. And if you do decide at any stage that you need another session or two, you will know where to find me!

How much will it cost me?

Each session - apart from smoking cessation - is £70. I accept cash or cards, or you can pay by bank transfer or Paypal.

What if I want to give up smoking?

For smokers who really want to give up, we can work on this and help you to stop in one extended session. The cost of this is £140 - and if you need a "top-up" visit, within a month of your first appointment, that's included in the price. Think how quickly you'll save £140 by not buying cigarettes.

Can you guarantee to solve my problem?

No, and no reputable hypnotherapist will ever give you a guarantee to cure a problem. Therapy is a two-way street, so I can only help you as far as you want to go. You have got to want to help yourself as I don't have a magic wand, much as I might like one. But I will offer two guarantees: 1. that I will do my very best to help you; and 2. that if at any time during our initial appointment, you decide hypnotherapy is not for you, then you can walk away and it will cost you nothing. Only if you decide to go ahead do you pay for that first session. That shows how confident I am that you will wish to continue working with me.

Where's your therapy room?

I'm based in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire (HX7 6BE). I'm a short walk from the town centre but there is a bus from the station and parking is available on the street. My therapy room is on the first floor, so do let me know in advance if you have mobility problems, so I can make alternative arrangements.

What if I can't get to Hebden Bridge?

No problem. I've worked online successfully with clients who live outside the UK. It's just as effective as being in the room with me.

I am located in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

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